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Beočin Municipality adopted a strategy of Roma employment 2014-2020 12 December 2014,

On November 19, 2014, the Assembly of the Municipality of Beočin adopted a new Roma Employment Strategy for the 2014-2020 period. The Strategy was developed in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency Bačka and financially supported by the Open Society Fund in Budapest.

We have created a rapid tourism and economic development environment in the Žabalj Municipality 5 December 2014,

"The new wines of Potisje", event was held and organized by the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Žabalj on Friday, December 5, in a local hunting lodge "Deer". Year after year, the event gets more attendants and content added, and has been supported by Municipal Mayor of Žabalj - Čedomir Božić. Mayor Božić is one of the youngest representatives in such a position in Serbia, thus rapid development of Žabalj during recent years has been often affiliated with the young people who run it.

Workshop marked the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Srbobran 20 November 2014,

On November 20, 2014, at 11 o’clock, the City Hall of the Municipality of Srbobran hosted a workshop called „Ways of free education of entrepreneurs in the EU“. The workshop was organized by Regional Development Agency Bačka, the University of Novi Sad and EU Info Point from Novi Sad as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Regional Development Agency Bačka is awarding grants for education of municipal employees from the Bačka Region in Brussels 23 October 2014,

Regional Development Agency Bačka has started a program intended for persons employed in Local Economic Development Offices in Bačka Municipalities the Agency has a long-standing cooperation with, in line with the strategic determination to create a sustainable institutional framework for the implementation of sector policies of the European Union in areas of local economic development in the Bačka region.

Destination Management Company Danube project presented in Brussels 8 October 2014,

On October 8, in Brussels, the Regional Development Agency Bačka presented a project, the result of which will be the establishment of the Destination Management Company Danube.

DMC Danube is the first of its kind throughout the Danube watercourse in Europe and should be the basis for the development of tourism in the municipalities of AP Vojvodina that stand on the Danube and Fruška Gora.


Regional Development Agency Bačka and the Municipalities of Bač, Bačka Palanka, Beočin, Bački Petrovac, Bečej, Srbobran, Žabalj, Titel and Sremski Karlovci would like to extend an invitation to the Presentation of the Danube Destination Management Company, the first of its kind throughout the Danube Watercourse in Europe.

International Science Forum „Danube – A River of Cooperation“, Bačka Palanka 9 September 2014,

Regional Development Agency Bačka and the Association for Improving International Cooperation for Sustainable Development of the Danube Basin and Serbia is organizing a three-day international science forum called “The Danube Strategy – From Idea to Realization”.

The film, produced by the Regional Development Agency Backa, about the SPA project for cross border cooperation between Hungary and Serbia has been included in the official selection of the Open Days 2014 event in Brussels 20 August 2014,

Documentary that was created by the Regional Development Agency Backa for the promotion of results from a project aimed at the development of an integrated strategy for the development of spa tourism along key transport corridors from Budapest to Belgrade, was included in the official program of the Open Days 2014 event which is to be held in Brussels.

Successful completion of the cross-border project - Cooling cubes 21 Jul 2014,

With the closing conference held at the University of Szeged, on June 26th 2014, a cross-border project - Cooling cubes came to an end, where, for the last sixteen months, the Regional Development Agency Backa was one of the partners.

The municipality of Sremski Karlovci received the Office for Local Economic Development 15 Jul 2014,

On July 11 2014 the press conference was held in order to mark the completion of the project "Establishment of the Office for Local Economic Development" at Sremski Karlovci, where the funds for this project were provided by the Provincial Secretariat for Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government within the competition "Co-financing of institutional and management capacity improvements in local self-government units in AP Vojvodina".


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